Investment Management


AEON Capital is a vital component in navigating today’s volatile investment world. We give clients access to managed investment mandates with daily liquidity.


AEON constructs robust portfolios centred around defined risk parameters. The portfolios are specifically designed to secure investor’s financial objectives in their lifetime and for generations to come.


AEON is a truly cost-effective solution delivering the returns individuals seek whilst reducing unnecessary risks.

The provision of transparent, cost-effective, return-oriented portfolios is essential to AEON’s core objectives. Utilising the full spectrum of investments from both the passive and dynamic universe, the AEON Growth Portfolio seeks superior returns while providing investors with financial peace of mind.


Multi-Factor Absolute Return Strategy

The AEON Growth Portfolio is externally managed by Lighthouse Canton, an integrated asset and wealth management firm focused on creating solutions that work for clients. Lighthouse Canton uses MARS, which is a systematic methodology that uses proven and robust investment techniques to generate superior returns from shares whilst lowering risks through active risk management. MARS targets to achieve long term returns in line with or better than global equity markets whilst limiting downside risks substantially. It additionally uses a multi-dimensional diversification approach which reduces reliance on any one market, asset class or return factor. The strategy strengthens the AEON growth portfolio, a UCITS Compliant liquid fund with a hedge fund type return profile.


Irish Collective Asset-Management Vehicle

This structure provides a custom corporate fund vehicle accessible for both UCITS and alternative investment funds (“AIFs”). ICAV legislation enhances the corporate fund structure as it is specifically tailored to meet the needs of investment funds.  It acts as an open-ended, cost and administratively efficient structure benefitting from the attractive Irish tax regime applicable to PLCs. The structure is treated like a partnership or disregarded entity for US federal tax purposes. The ICAV structure is a world-leading fund structure currently collectively holding over 3 million assets.