Private Equity

The AEON Private Equity Fund is a private equity investment fund that has an opportunistic, commercial-minded approach to its investment strategy. We make equity investments in companies that have enterprise values between 10 to 100 million USD where a meaningful stake between 25 to 100 percent is purchased. These companies need to be cash flow generating and traditionally have reference clients. They must have exceptional medium to long term growth potential. AEON is viewed by the owners as “value enhancers”.

Our approach is “buy to sell” where the global network of AEON sourced value deals can be expertly managed and value enhanced. A truly global approach is implemented with specialist expertise to lower risk and maximise financial performance. Typically, the unleashing of value will occur over a three to five-year window. We invest in multiple industries with an onus on technology.

  • Investment Approach

    AEON is headed by seasoned investment bankers who have been involved in multiple transactions over the last 30 years. AEON makes direct investments into cash flowing businesses and companies that can possibly excess realizable value on their asset base over and beyond existing debt facilities. It has at its disposal the flexibility to purchase equity stakes or to provide convertible debt.

    The fund will also post-acquisition provide assistance in all stages of the company’s life-cycle until exit. Prior to each investment, AEON will ensure that it understands the needs and objectives of the existing owners and management team, whilst offering an absolute return to its investors.

    Situated out of Geneva, Switzerland and the Cayman Islands we foster a truly global approach in our investment outlook.

Private Equity Sector

A World of Opportunity

Interest in private equity has spiked since the end of the global financial crisis. Despite unstable economic and geopolitical conditions over recent times, the private equity industry remains strong with record levels of non-committed capital held by funds of US$820bn*. Historically, strong returns in the private equity industry have outperformed public markets over short and long term markets**.

AEON Capital focuses on growth equity. A strategic equity stake is taken in target companies where business development is then accelerated.

* Research from Prequin Report (June 2016).
** Research from Bain & Company Global Private Equity Report 2017

Private Equity Returns

Unparalleled Performance

The chart below illustrates the superior performance of global private equity against S&P 500.This has been increasingly the case since the global financial crisis in 2008 and the management of AEON Capital believe this gap will be at least maintained for the foreseeable future. AEON’s fund investors are exposed to rare ‘club’ deals that traditionally are only available to institutions.

Source: Cambridge Associates September 2015. 
Past performance is no guarantee of future results.